Joe Sokolinsky is an original classical guitarist who combines classical, rock and folk influences to create beautiful, original guitar melodies. Joe’s new CD Good Earth, Bad Earth is his third CD of instrumental guitar compositions. This is his first CD of original solo guitar pieces. His previous two CDs featured guitar duets.

As a teenager, Joe picked up the electric guitar after hearing such musical artists as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Joe played bass in a couple of musical groups with names such as Locust Pudding and Ancient Chinese Secret. These groups combined rock music and comedy. Joe later went on to spend many years as a satirical singer/songwriter accompanying himself on acoustic guitar.

As a young adult, Joe developed a passion for classical music which led to him playing classical guitar. Since then, Joe has been composing, recording and performing original guitar pieces. Now residing in Madison, WI, Joe regularly performs in numerous cafes and other venues in the area.


Joe Sokolinsky

Original Instrumental Guitarist